Die Stille (Still)

Astrid is a 24-year old ballerina that has just made an irreversible decision. But no one knows it. Confronted with the seemingly unanswerable question, “how do you part from something that never existed?”, Astrid slowly descends into a vicious circle of doubt and self-punishment, and the seams of her life begin to fall apart.

Die Stille was produced in Lily’s third year at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemburg, in cooperation with SWR, BR and Arte.

Directed by: Lily Erlinger
Screenplay by: Lily Erlinger & John-H. Karsten
Produced by: Leslie-Alina Schäfer
Co-Produced by: Marvin Rössler
Cinematography: Anne Bolick
Editing by: Dennis Lutz
Music Composition by: Nicolai Krepart
Sound Design by: Marc Fragstein
Choreography by: Brent Parolin Cinematography: Anne Bolick
Producers: Leslie-Alina Schäfer & Bianca Laschalt
Editor: Ina Tangermann
Film Music: Patrick Puzsko

Festivals & Awards:

Premiered at the 37. Max Ophüls Film Preis 2016